Horsehair Raku HOLIDAY HORSE Ornament

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These are adorable and look so festive!   You'll receive one ornament from the herd of holiday horses that I made.  They all look very similar.

Made from high fired stoneware clay and raku fired with horsehair, measuring approx. 5" wide x 4" tall x .25" thick.  Each holiday horse is unique and one of a kind!

Hangs from a holiday printed jute ribbon and each horse has leather reins and the year (2022) on the front.

Note:  My horsehair comes from customers who have horses.  They clean the grooming brushes and send me the horsehair to use in my designs.  When I use the horsehair I heat the clay up to over 1000 degrees F, and lay the strands of horsehair across the pieces.  The carbon from the horsehair burns patterns into the clay.