Horsehair Raku TWINKLE STAR Holiday Ornament

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Love these twinkle star ornaments!  You'll receive one ornament similar to the pictures.  Choose brown speckle or cream in the drop down box below.

Made from high fired stoneware clay that is raku fired with horsehair, measuring approx. 5" wide x .25" thick.  Each twinkle star is unique with sparkles on it!

Hangs from brown leather with a green leather swag and the year (2022) on the front.

Note:  My horsehair comes from customers who have horses.  They clean the grooming brushes and send me the horsehair to use in my designs.  When I use the horsehair I heat the clay up to over 1000 degrees F, and lay the strands of horsehair across the pieces.  The carbon from the horsehair burns patterns into the clay.